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Born in San Antonio, Texas and growing up in Ashburn, Virginia, Ben Tsakopulos, a 22-year-old music industry professional, has been honing his craft for over 10 years. His passion for music began at a young age when he discovered his love for drums. With time, he developed a passion for singing, playing guitar, songwriting and eventually shifted his interest to touring and tour managing.

Growing up, Ben was heavily influenced by metal music, but over time he learned to greatly enjoy pop, hip hop, alternative, R&B and jazz. This broad range of musical interests allowed him to create a unique sound that blends multiple genres. As a result, his writing incorporates pop melodic influences and heavier rhythmic elements from his metal background.

In 2021, Ben released his debut album, "All I See Is Poison," which received critical acclaim from fans and amassed over thirty thousand streams. The album showcases his songwriting skills as well as his musicianship, demonstrating his versatility and range as an artist. 

While Ben has been gigging for many years, he has now shifted his focus' to songwriting and touring. Ben has co-written songs with artists Ryan Wright, Marshall Harner, Kerri Martin and others. In May of 2023 Ben began touring when he joined Rock band Matchbox Twenty's "Slow Dream" North American tour as an audio tech for company VNUE. After this tour he was hired to Tour Manage Indie Dream-Pop artist Ryan Wright. Ben has TM'd on two tour runs for Ryan since October 2023 as she opened for Indie band Mustard Service in Fall 2023, and Reggae-Pop band Surfer Girl in Spring 2024. 

Ben has developed a hunger and a passion for touring and specifically tour managing and hopes to continue in this field in his career.


Debut Album "All I See Is Poison" Available On All Platforms!

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Projects I Have Worked On

 Recorded all Drum's on Alternative-Pop artist Anya Gupta's single "CARDS WRONG" - Click to listen!

More to be announced on 4/26/2024!!

Recorded guitar and backing vocals on Pop artist Kerri Martin's 2021 track "New"